Adventure travel tips for beginners

Backpackers on a bridge

Backpackers garryknight/Flickr

Adventure travel has become very popular in the last few years. It is one of the best ways to turn off the dullness of cubicle life and start living again. So here are a few adventure travel tips for beginners, hope starters can use some of it and I kindly ask experts to add in the comment section anything that might be useful.

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Face your fear and don’t panic

Apart from being really fun, adventure travel is also good to fight your fears. Make a list of things you were always afraid to try or face that childhood phobia of heights, small spaces etc. and there you go! Adventure travel can turn your life around, fill you with energy and make you a new person.

Cave diving

Cave diving ©yuheitomi/Flickr

When people are trying something completely new, they feel out of control and tent to panic. It is very important to try to calm down when you’re scared and try to enjoy the experience, you will have much more fun than screaming. 😉

Planning and packing

Spontaneity is good, but to a certain level you should always know where you are going and be prepared for the environment. Learn a few words of the local language, get to know possible dangers (disease, pickpockets and so on) and some of the local customs.

Backpackers on a bridge

Backpackers ©garryknight/Flickr

Use a backpack when you adventure travel, it is the most practical way of packing possible. Also, try to pack for one week only, if you are going on a longer vacation, you can always wash your laundry and buy new supplies and it can make travel very uncomfortable to have to take care of a lot of pieces of luggage. Maybe the most important: have the proper  and good quality gear for whatever activity you are planning!

Keep calm and blend in

Schedules are interpreted very differently in different cultures. The 2 AM train in Tokyo will sure as hell depart at 2 AM sharp, but a regional bus in Addis Ababa asceduled for 9 AM might leave before sunset – or it might not… Be prepared in outlook as well as in spirit – your plans must also be flexible. In the end, it is an adventure trip!

India train station

India train station ©nborun/Flickr

Avoid shorts and mini skirts. Lightweight long pants are more practical for almost any adventure activity. Apart from this, in a foreign country it is always safer to dress a little more cautiously.

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