Amazing beaches you have to visit in 2014

Pointe du Raz

Pointe du Raz ©dynamosquito/Flickr

Some people prefer beaches with white sand and and palm trees, others find the wild beauty of waves rocking on steep cliffs fascinating and there is also the surreal beauty of sea shores that look like the end of the world… These amazing beaches are real wonders that many people want to see every year.

Some of these places are rather scary, many people died in shipwrecks at rocky shores, but they still inspire admiration. Let’s see which are the beaches you have to visit in 2014 if you want an almost ethereal experience. 

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Wrack at Skeleton Coast

Wrack at Skeleton Coast ©Michael Paskevicius/Flickr

Colored by animal bones and wracks, Skeleton Coast did not get its name by accident. Many say it is cursed, others even call it the gate to hell and according to local legends, God created it in anger. The place is characterized by extreme weather, but together with all its fearfulness, the landscape is stunning!

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Ireland is practically loaded with spectacular natural attractions and the Cliffs of Moher are definitely on the top list. When the sky is clear you can see to up to 20 miles distance from the almost perfectly vertical cliffs. But they are also breathtakingly beautiful with all the green grass and moss so typical to the country – totally worth a travel to Ireland!

Finistere, France

Pointe du Raz

Pointe du Raz dynamosquito/Flickr

The beach is located in Britanny region of France and the name Finistere comes from Latin and means ‘End of the earth’. It really does look like the beginning of the endless ocean. Its famous projection, Pointe du Raz is especially a place you have to visit!

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Cape Reinga Charlie Brewer/Flickr

New Zealand is famously beautiful, we all know that, but only a few have heard of Cape Reinga. The beauty and boundlessness of the place have created legends among the natives. According to them Cape Reinga is from where the souls of the dead jump off to get to Spirits Bay.

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

The first man to sail from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean by the Cape of Good Hope was the Portuguese Bartholomeu Dias. The place was infamous among the sailors of the time for the frequently appearing sea mist and the coastline broken up by atolls. Remains of old ships destroyed on the atolls are still on the beaches. It is an astonishing sight and a perfect destinations for 2014!

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