Best cities in the world for single travelers

London Pub

London Pub ©gruntzooki/Flickr

Be aware that this post is not about solo travel tips, but something more romantic and exciting… we have found you some cities where you have a pretty good chance to find The One! If you like to travel plus are quite bored to live the limitless but a slightly lonely life of singles, than you should definitely travel to one of the places we present you in this post.

Are you inclined to travel somewhere partly with the purpose of finding yourself a significant other? How far away would you travel? Let us know in the comment section, but before that, read the post and learn why -for this or that reason – are the below the best cities in the world for single travelers – who are looking for some romance… 😉

New York City, NY

Central Park, New York

Central Park ©http2007/Flickr

What else could be on the top of the list than the semi-official capital of singles – since Sex and the City? The metropolis never sleeps and its constant buzz provides loads of opportunities for meeting people. Carrie Bradshow and her friends proved us that there is no place in New York where you cannot find a guy – and consequently a girl…

The museums, libraries and the Central Park are at least as appealing for singles as the clubs, the Soho or the Madison Square Garden. Be up to snuff and you will not be disappointed.

London, UK

London Pub

London Pub gruntzooki/Flickr

Believe it or not, the British capital is a real Canaan for single ladies looking for single guys. That is because after the less temperamental English ladies, foreign women became quite popular among the gentlemen here – and vice-versa, I presume.

The immense number of local clubs and pubs are a good way to get to know people, but you should not ignore the amazing landmarks of London either. A little chat about the Buckingham Palace or the history of the Tower can be a great way for some cultural flirting…

Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia ©Cris Valencia/Flickr

In European measures, Catalonia’s capital is on the top from a romancing point of view. According to recent statistics, the ratio of single women and single men in the city was 1:1 – perfect! Spanish people have a strong Latin temperament, they are charming and they love romance and flirting.

Thank you the great weather, the city is always busy, you can learn Spanish dances at the best beach-side bars, go to cafes, see the attractions and in the meantime, meet new people, who knows, maybe one of them will be Mr/Mrs Right! 🙂

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