Best things to do for visitors in Cardiff

Castle Arcade, one of the Victorian Shopping Arcades of Wales

One of the Arcades of Cardiff ©subbuteoman/Flickr

Wales is an amazing country with rich Celtic heritage, beautiful landscapes and a magical atmosphere one cannot even describe in words. There are a hundred reasons to visit this country – you can even see some of the worthy and great activities in the short video below.

The capital (of Wales), Cardiff is one of the most popular destinations in the United Kingdom. There are lots of beautiful attractions, dining and shopping options as well as events and festivals to attend. To help you plan your trip to Cardiff, here are the best things to do for visitors in Cardiff.

Cardiff Castle

My favorite destination in the city, Cardiff Castle is a beautiful and grand piece of architecture. The original castle dates back to the Roman times and went through many changes since, getting its Gothic shape you can see today in the 1800s.

Cardiff Castle, Wales

Cardiff Castle ©candyschwartz/Flickr

Cardiff Castle has got wonderful stained glass windows, huge murals and large turrets – all added during the 19th century renovations. Inside the castle all rooms are decorated with a different theme like Mediterranean gardens or Arabic motives. It’s the most beautiful castle in Wales.

Cardiff Bay

Even if you only come for a short time, you cannot miss Cardiff Bay. Go to the Visitor Center, or The Tube, which offers the best view onto the beautiful harbor as well as exhibitions and presentations about the efforts of the city to protect the environment.

Enjoy a walk on along the coast of the Bay after visiting the Center and admire the wonderful view and the sound of seagulls.

Doctor Who Exhibition

A less historic, but more fun and epic experience is the Doctor Who Exhibition in the Red Dragon Center of Cardiff. Most of the series was shot in Cardiff and the exhibition is a must for everyone, fan or not!

Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff

Doctor Who Exhibition ©shining.darkness/Flickr

You can see different props used in the original and the new series, creatures that appear in Doctor Who and buy Doctor Who souvenirs in the gift shop.

Victorian Shopping Arcades

Six arcades with glass roof await visitors with cozy specialist shops that can rarely be found as well as a grand atmosphere as you walk under the huge and beautiful Victorian Shopping Arcades.

Castle Arcade, one of the Victorian Shopping Arcades of Wales

One of the Arcades of Cardiff ©subbuteoman/Flickr

It is the best place for shopping in Cardiff and at the same time is a beautiful sight from the classical Victorian period of impeccable tastes.

Cardiff Sculpture Trail

Numerous statues on the waterfront of the city mark the Cardiff Sculpture Trail. The statues have different themes, some are moving others amusing, even funny.

If you go to a tourist office, get a leaflet with the list of all sculptures so you will not miss out any of them.

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