Bucket list items for great travel stories

Colonial houses in Cuba

Colonial houses in Cuba ©momo/Flickr

Everyone I know has got some kind of bucket list – including myself. For some it is a list of the meals they want to try, for others it is the craziest things they want to do, but for most it is made up of amazing places they want to visit.

Here are my top bucket list items I think will make great travel stories for my grandchildren one day. Do you have your own tales? Do not hesitate to add the list to the comment section, maybe later they will serve as a topic for another article. In the meantime remember: do not settle for reading travel guides, do the real thing!

Great stories await everywhere

If you walk the face of the earth with open eyes and ears, everything can be a wonder. You meet amazing, interesting people, eat exotic food, experience the world in general. Watch Eurostar’s video below and get inspired to travel and to live:

Visit Cuba

Cuba has got beautiful beaches, incredible blue ocean, palm trees, but you can find that in many other places. What is most attractive about the country is its very unique culture. This includes every little aspect from the colorful colonial architecture, the vintage cars and Latin music on the streets to the kind, hospitable people and the cigar smoking old ladies.

Colonial houses in Cuba

Colonial houses in Cuba ©momo/Flickr

It is much easier now to get to Cuba legally and a big dream of mine to dance salsa on a tiny square in Havana while good Cuban drink and cigar is waiting for me on the table of a small bar.

Walking on the Great Wall of China

Yes, lots of people have already been to the Great Wall of China and it does not seem like such a big deal any more, but it must be incredible to see that immense man-made creature before you and imagine the effort, pain and lives it took to complete it.

Great Wall of Cina

Great Wall of China ©Francisco Diez/Flickr

What can be really wonderful is to tour the wall in its full length of over 13 miles, but that would take some time. Still to walk a few miles on this magnificent ancient monument is an experience that touches your soul.

On a train through the Alaskan wilderness

The Alaskan Railroad is inviting everyone to an unforgettable journey through the wilderness of the north. Travel during May or September – the shoulder season – and admire the raw beauty of the forests, plains and mountains of Alaska, the home of some of the best extreme races in the world, by the way.

Alaska train ride through the wilderness

Alaska train ride ©Matt Sherwood/Flickr

You can purchase one of the Railroad’s vacation packages or go on an independent adventure, but if you have the opportunity to visit Alaska include one or two national parks into your trip as well.

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