Lakes with the clearest water on Earth

Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake view ©Carissa Rogers/Flickr

There are so few places left on this planet that are not affected – in different levels – by pollution and the activities of humans in general and those that are actually intact should be very well taken care of to be preserved to our grandchildren. But, you can also go and visit the lakes with the clearest water for instance and admire their ancient beauty!

These are some of the clearest waters left on Earth so if you happen to visit you should be very careful not to get anything in the water. I would love to see them all just for the feeling that I stood by something so old and so pure… How about you?

Blue Lake, Queensland, Australia

If you travel to Australia, more precisely to the area of the North Strandbroke island in Queensland, you should definitely pay a visit to the lake that is nicknamed the God’s Bathtub. According to scientists the lake is the same as it was 7,500 years ago, like nothing from the outside world affected it!

Crater Lake, Oregon, US

Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake view ©Carissa Rogers/Flickr

Crater Lake, located in Oregon state in the United States, with its 8,000 years is one of the oldest and clearest lakes on Earth. In addition it is also among the deepest freshwater lakes in the world.

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Boats on Lake Baikal

Boats on Lake Baikal ©Gilad Rom/Flickr

The Siberian Lake Baikal is known to be the deepest lake in the world but its water is also very clean and remained relatively untouched by human activity. Also, considering the fact that it is in Siberia, it might also have good chances of winning the ‘coldest lake’ title. 😉

Lake Vostok, Antarctica

If I were a lake under the ice cover of Antarctica, it would be easy for me too to have extremely clean water. Lake Vostok was truly intact for the last couple of thousand years due to its location and it is also the largest sub-glacial lake of the icy continent.

Blue Lake, New Zealand

Blue Lake, New Zealand

Blue Lake, New Zealand ©Michael Wifall/Flckr

The whole New Zealand is world famous for its unearthly and magical beauty, so it is no wonder that the probable no. 1 of this list, the lake with the clearest water on Earth is Lake Blue in the Nelson Lakes National Park, is also located in this amazing country.

We all aim to visit the most beautiful islands and beaches and all that, but these beautiful places of the ancient times of the history of Earth are also worthy of our admiration!

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