Most amazing natural phenomena you must see

Morning Glory roll cloud

Morning Glory ©Jeff McNeill/Flickr

We all travel to discover and experience new things. Sometimes one visits beautiful buildings, sometimes breathtaking landscapes, but for a change I have collected some of the most amazing natural phenomena you must see on this earth!

You have probably heard about some of these amazing phenomena, but others may be new. If you have experienced any of them, please let us know your opinions in the comment section!

Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis

In the Old Norse mythology the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) was thought to be the reflection of the shields of the Valkyrie as they ride to Valhalla. Lapps thought the lights were the spirits of the departed on thier way to the Other World.

Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis ©Trodel/Flickr

But they are simply the result of the wind of the sun entering the atmosphere. Northern Lights is wonderful phenomenon that is usually the brightest around the Spring and Fall Equinox. Best time of the day to observe it is midnight. Aurora Australis is much harder to see, only rarely does it appear in South America and Australia.

Roll Clouds (Morning Glory clouds)

One of the rarest natural phenomena, a roll cloud is a cloud shaped as a tube that ‘rolls’ through the sky.   Its formation is not entirely understood yet, but it depends on multiple circumstances.

Morning Glory roll cloud

Morning Glory ©Jeff McNeill/Flickr

The place where you can most often see roll clouds – up to 8 of them – in Burketown, Northern Australia between September and November, in the morning.


We have had lights and clouds, now there is snow. Penitentes is a very peculiar natural phenomenon that occurs in the Dry Andes of South America, above 4,000 meters due to the strong wind and the melting warmth of the sun at the same time.

Penitentes in the Dry Andes

Penitentes ©European Southern Observatory/Flickr

It is not impossible to see the Penitentes, but you have to be quite committed to get there… and bring an extra blanket!

Red Tides

The deadly phenomenon of Red Tides mostly occurs at warm coasts (Florida, Gulf of Mexico etc) when a certain type of red algae pollulates, coloring the ocean red.

Red Tides

Red Tides ©euthrophication&hypoxia/Flickr

Red Tide is even more amazing in the night when it may glow neon blue – it is unbelievable. Unfortunately this much algae is lethal for the fauna of the sea.

These are only some of the amazing natural phenomena you must see, our planet is so diverse and full of wonders that there are loads of things you should not miss!

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