Must-see destinations in Switzerland

Luzern view

Luzern view ©themonnie/Flickr

It is probably the ski resorts and the largest cities, like Geneva or Zurich that attract most visitors to Switzerland, but there are other must-see destinations in the country. Check out my top 3 Swiss cities and go on a nice vacation.

Believe me – and the below video – every effort will be made to create a relaxing vacation for you, while you are in Switzerland. You should take care of your watch, though! 😉



Giving home to nearly 200,000 people, Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. Unlike the other Swiss cities, Basel is ‘only’ 244 m above seas level and is not surrounded by high mountains. The city’s scenery is determined by the river Rhone, the bank of which offers a nice promenade and which serves as the city’s beach in the summer.

View over Basel's promenade

Basel view ©Maria Keays/Flickr

Although Basel is a center of chemical industry, one cannot feel its harmful effects cannot be felt neither in the water nor in the air. The town also gives home to more than 30 museums and it is definitely a must-see destination when one visits Switzerland.


The real heart of Lake Geneva is not the actual city of Geneva, but Lausanne. Inhabited bu over 130,000 people, the city is the capital of Vaun canton as well as the cultural and commercial center of the French part of Switzerland.

Lausanne and its Cathedral

Lausanne view ©Lucas Maystre/Flickr

Lausanne is world famous for its high quality boarding schools, especially schools for girls. The city was not built exactly on the lake shore but overlooks the water from a leveled hill side rising 130 above the lake. The core of its old town is hiding between the levels of the hill giving a slightly tangled, but charming image.


The city is located in Central Switzerland, on the shore of Lake Lucerne, at the feet of Pilatus and Rigi Mountains. The Reuss river runs through the city traversed by numerous bridges in the Old Town.

Luzern view

Lucerne view ©themonnie/Flickr

Visitors find a very special atmosphere in Lucerne, the stern rocks of Pilatus Mountains rising over the city calls the image of the classical Switzerland in mind. But as you walk the streets and squares, the town looks like a real vacation resort with water skiers, beaches and loads of hotels. Lucerne offers anything a tourist can wish for: natural beauty, culture and entertainment as well.

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