My top 3 favorite scary places in the world

Leap Castle in Ireland

Leap Castle ©

Do you believe in ghosts and restless spirits? Do you feel sometimes walking at some legendary place that the wind of history touches you? Let’s take an imaginary journey to some of the scariest places on earth, come and shudder with us a little bit with my top 5 scary places in the world.

This is only my list of course and there are lots of other spots where you can – supposedly – encounter the supernatural, if you also have some suggestions on the matter, please let us know! I have always been fascinated about ghosts and haunted castles, houses, amusement parks and so on…

Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle in Ireland

Leap Castle

The castle is on the top list of bizarre places, the sinister place was built in the 15th century by the O’Bannon family and got in the hands of the O’Carroll family later. During a sibling rivalry, one of the O’Carroll brothers, a priest, was brutally murdered in the castle chapel called the Bloody Chapel ever since. Later the castle operated as a prison and many executions were performed among its walls.

According to the legends, the place is crawling with the ghosts of those thrown into the cellar prison under the castle and left there to die and of those executed here. Thus Leap Castle did just climb on the must-see top list of any visitor of the UK with a  fascination for haunted places.

Mine network and catacombs under Paris

Catacombs and mining tunnels under Paris

Paris Catacomb ©

Did you know that one can find a mine and tunnel network under Paris making up more than 600 kilometers in length. These are not the catacombs we all heard about, a big part of these tunnels are not even on the maps. Once they mined minerals down here, today – they say – it is full of restless spirits.

There are many stories revolving around the tunnels as they absorb sounds – like screams and roars – thus it is impossible for someone who got lost here to ask for help, facing certain death. In the 18th century the cemeteries of Paris were full and the remains of more than 6 million people were brought here from their burial places and thrown into the catacombs. They say their spirits are still there as they cannot find peace in the afterlife because of this hideous thing done to their bones.

St. Andrwes Castle, Scotland

St. Andrews castle in Scotland

St. Andrews ©

St. Andrews is a small Scottish town sometimes named as the hometown of golf. People here are sure that the local castle is a ghost ranch up until today. Built in the 12th century, demolished, then rebuilt in the 14th century, the castle had seen its share of violence and death.

According to the local beliefs, more ghosts live in the castle. One is the Woman in White who is usually walking in the castle or on the seashore, another one is the ghost of the Scottish martyr, seen as looking down sadly from to towers onto the spot where he was burned alive in 1528. The anti-protestant leader, archbishop Beaton was killed and hanged from a window naked… he doesn’t seem to want to move on either along with other spirits. The peak time for ghost watching is at nightfall in October and November.

Only the bravest should venture to such haunted places! But if you were brave enough, please let me know if you have met any ghosts or heard any creepy noises from behind a corner… This was my top 3 list of scary places, if you have any other suggestions, you are most welcome to share them!

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