Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin 2013

St. Patrick's Day party people

St. Patrick’s Day party ©courtney_80/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone’s favorite Irish holiday, is coming up and one may wonder – where should I go to celebrate? Well, to Ireland, of course! More precisely to Dublin where the party will be largest and the most events will take place between March 14 and 18.

Experience Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin in 2013 and go to the coolest events. Maybe you will have so much fun you will want to stay on for some other events. What events? Watch the little video below and find out for yourself about the best things to do all over the country in 2013!

Saint Patrick’s Day parties

In the Irish Craft Beer Village you can see how they brew beer in the time of St. Patrick – and you can taste, of course. Do not, by any chance, miss the People’s Parade where thousands of people will march through the streets of Dublin with music and dancers and pageant companies -it will be grand! The route is 2,5 km long goes next to many of the city’s landmarks.

St. Patrick's Day party people

St. Patrick’s Day party ©courtney_80/Flickr

As an evening warm up you can listen to the best Irish stand-up comedians in the Laughter Lounge – recommended only for those with a good sense of humor. Then you can attend one of the thousands of amazing Irish pubs in Dublin or go back to the Beer Village for an evening party.

Cultural events all over Dublin

For those who also want a little culture, not just the party side of this 4 day long event, there are some great programs as well. You can attend the recitation with poems about Dublin or participate in the city walking tour called In the Footsteps of Saint Patrick. For a little Irish dancing and music just go downtown as throughout the whole festival the city center will be full of street dancers, musicians and all kinds of performers.

Girls at Saint Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day parade ©informatique/Flickr

For something lighter, go visit some of the most famous buildings of the city that, for this occasion, will be lit green for 4 days and nights. There will also be great family events such as the Treasure Hunt of the festival where families can hunt together following clues at the landmarks of Dublin.

As part of Ireland’s new self promoting campaign, The Gathering, the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration will be unforgettable this year. If you did not secure the means to get to Ireland yet, do it as soon as possible.

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