Some trendy travel destinations for 2014

Downtown Shanghai

Downtown Shanghai ©Jo@net/Flickr

The world’s most well known travel guide, Lonely Planet, provides us with a list of top destinations for every year. This time I would like to share with you my favorites from this list of trendy travel destinations for 2014. All choices are definitely justifiable, but some are more surprising than others.

So do you have any particular favorites from this list? Or would you have other suggestions for must-see 2014 destinations? Let us know about any ideas in the comment section.

Getting around on your vacation

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Adelaide, Australia

There can be no list of great cities without at least one Aussie town on it – the southern country has got some of the most livable cities in the world. The southern Australian city of Adelaide occupies the 9th place on the list. Not long ago was the metropolis the target point of the “World Solar Challenge”, a 3,000 -kilometer race through Australia in  solar cars and their drivers. Less fast and furious but more delicious, the vineyards surrounding Adelaide produce six of Australia’s ten best wines.

Chicago, USA

Chicago Skyline by night

Chicago skyline ©Nimesh M/Flickr

Not New York, not San Francisco – in this year’s ranking Chicago is the only U.S. city. The third largest city in the United States is considered the birthplace of the modern skyscraper. Here is also currently the second tallest building in the country, the 422 -meter-high Willis Tower. It is only surpassed by the new One World Trade Center in NYC. Also, Chicago is a top destination for sport lovers: the city has among other things, a football , basketball and ice hockey team in the premier league.

Vancouver, Canada

Another North American city has made it into the elite group: Vancouver on Canada’s Pacific coast. The multi-cultural capital of the province of British Columbia is also one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world. Whale watching, sports events, culture – Vancouver is a really relaxing urban travel destination.

Shanghai, China

Downtown Shanghai

Downtown Shanghai ©Jo@net/Flickr

Shanghai,one of the largest cities in China, landed on the sixth place of the list. The modern skyline and the relatively western flair make Shanghai into an attractive tourist destination. The city is also significant for the international economy, the 23- million metropolis has got the largest and busiest port in the world.

Riga, Latvia

Riga, the capital of Latvia at the Baltic Sea is also a trendy destination in 2014. The former Hanseatic city is famous for its Art Nouveau buildings and well-preserved downtown, especially the old town. The beautiful medieval city will also be Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2014.

Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad view, Cuba

Trinidad view ©twicepix/Flickr

Trinidad in the south of Cuba was founded 500 years ago by Spanish conquerors. In the past it was  a major hub for slave, sugar cane and tobacco traders. To this day many houses, churches and squares remind everyone of the colonial era. For 25 years now the town and its plantations are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site another great reason to travel to Cuba.

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