The best economy class airlines in the world

Virgin America airplane

Virgin America plane ©Kentaro IEMOTO/Flickr

Flying on economy class, although costs less, but can be a very unpleasant experience: delays, high fees… should I go on? Fortunately there are exceptions, airlines where passengers are treated really kindly, where flying economy is a pleasure.

Interestingly most of the best economy class airlines are Asian… those guys know something about quality and friendliness, that is certain! Have you got any very positive flight experience? What was the airline? Share with us the name of your favorite airline(s) in the comment section.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines economy class

Singapore Airlines economy class ©Andy Mitchell/Flickr

Apparently Singapore Airlines is by far the best airline in the world – at least for economy class. Although if their economy ranks as the best, I can only imagine business and first class…. Their staff is trained to treat every passenger with respect and kindness, the cabins are clean, their seats got the highest score for comfort and their in-flight entertainment really good.

Malaysia Airlines

The Kuala Lumpur based airline does everything for the comfort of their passengers. There are even areas on the planes children are banned from in order to ensure the quite and tranquil journey for some adults. They have highly comfortable seats as well and also serve very good quality meals. The proficiency and helpfulness of the staff is not even a question.

Virgin America

Virgin America airplane

Virgin America plane ©Kentaro IEMOTO/Flickr

And here is the only non-Asian airline on today’s list. Virgin America operates mostly coast-to-coast flights in the US, but not exclusively. It usually scores high with all in-flight experience factors such as cleanliness, staff efficiency or meals. So people, now you know what airline to choose for domestic flights…

Asiana Airlines

Meal on Asiana Airlines

Meal on Asiana Airlines ©Puck Goodfellow/Flickr

Seats on Asiana Airlines are designed for comfort and also there is plenty of legroom on most planes which is a big issue with most airlines. There are also touch-screen PTVs on the airplanes with diverse entertainment. Again, the service is very good, everyone is nice and the food is delicious.

Quatar Airways

Of course, Quatar Airways could not be left out of a best economy airlines list. The airline provides free drinks on international flights and very good flight experience, great meals, quality service and all you want. Interesting fact that 50% of the airline is owned by the Quatari government itself!

So, on which airline would you prefer to travel? Do you have any other candidates for the list? Next time we will try to find the airlines that provide the worst experience for economy class passengers and we are also waiting for tips there too!

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