The best must-see festivals in Spain

Carriage with Sevillan women at the Feria de Abril

Carriage with Sevillan women ©Julia Folsom/Flickr

The list of why we love Spain is nearly endless. The Mediterranean country’s many wonders include the beaches, the monuments of the Spain’s history from both the Christian and Islamic times, the amazing national parks of the Pyrenees – and not only – and much more.

But we also love this pearl of the Iberian peninsula because of its amazing and definitely must-see festivals, like bull races, very well illustrated in the below video. So which one is your favorite festival in Spain? Is it fun? Is it dangerous? Don’t be shy to share it!

Bull racing with a truck

San Fermin, Pamplona

Probably the most famous and also the craziest festival in Spain, San Fermin, was immortalized in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. If you visit Pamplona for the festival, you can choose to participate in the not-so-safe bull racing and put on the typical white clothes with red scarves or remain a spectator of the breathtaking adventure.

Participants at San Fermin festival

San Fermin participants ©LpstkLibrarian/Flickr


Amazing all night long parties await on the streets of Spain during carnival season. The largest parties are usually in Sitgez, Tenerife and Cadiz so hit those cities and get nice and colorful costume to wear. Be prepared for some crazy all day long celebrations with parades, dancing and… well, drinking. It is as grand and fabulous as Dublin’s Saint Patrick’s festivals.

Tenerife Carnival dancer

Tenerife Carnival dancer ©Pamela Stocks/Flickr

Wine Battle of Haro, Haro

As we were talking about drinking… the Wine Battle is definitely one of the must-see festivals of Spain. Haro is located in Rioja province where some of the finest wine in the world is produced. Celebrating this, every year in a June morning the town erupts in super cool wine drinking contests and in something they call La Batalla de Vino – Wine Battle. It is a huge fight of sprayers, water pistols or anything you can fill with red wine to splash it all over the others.

Els Enfarinats, Iba

The small Spanish town of Iba has got a very special way of celebrating April’s Fool’s day. Apparently the Spanish really like throwing food at each other and for Els Enfarinats they use eggs and flour. It is really fun and apart from the fact that you will need a serious shower afterwards, you will have a one in a lifetime experience and lots of good laughs.

La Feria de Abril, Seville

If you want the absolutely authentic Spanish festival, go to La Feria de Abril (the April Fair). Millions of colored light bulbs light the city for a week in the middle of April and the attendants dressing in traditional Andalusian clothes, like Flamenco dresses make the fair even more charming. There are concerts, shows and all you want.

Carriage with Sevillan women at the Feria de Abril

Carriage with Sevillan women ©Julia Folsom/Flickr

So what do you think, are the above some of the best festivals in Europe? Let us know which one would you most like to see!

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