The best small towns in the USA for culture vultures

St. Augustine view

St. Augustine view ©Doug Kerr/Flickr

There are so many things for which you can adore or hate small towns, but allow me to talk about the ‘adore’ part of the deal today. You can love the people, the green grass, the fact that everyone knows everyone, the charming local pub and many other things – I love small towns for all of the above…

But this time let’s see which are the best small towns in the USA for culture vultures. The below towns are not only adorable, but they are also significant from some cultural point of view. You like one of them? Put it on your 2014 destination list!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Battle reenactment

Gettysburg Battle reenactment ©S Pakhrin/Flickr

Over one million people visit the scene of the Battle of Gettysburg every year. You can not only visit the National Military Park on foot, driving or on horseback, but you must also check out the town itself. There are many nice souvenir shops, some of them are rather bizarre, selling relics like muskets or coffins, it is really an adventure to look around. Also, do not miss the Shriver House Museum and the Rupp House to get an insight into the life in the Civil War era.

Cleveland, Mississippi

You would imagine the Cleveland is a sleepy and boring Mississipi town, which it may be from some perspective, but it is still worth a visit. It is one of those small southern town in the Mississsipi Delta but with extra culture added. The town has got a vintage movie theater, the Railroad Heritage Museum is also great and there are many new galleries and restaurants opening these last years. All in all, it is really charming!

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine view

St. Augustine view ©Doug Kerr/Flickr

This pearl of the Sunshine State was founded by Spanish conquistadors in 1565, which makes it the longest continuously occupied European settlement in all of North America. St. Augustine draws visitors with its beautifully restored fortress, limestone city gates and the Dow Museum of Historic Houses consisting of 9 wonderful buildings. 3 theaters host performing arts in the town that also has a Lighthouse Museum and the famous Alligator Farm Zoological Park.

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Probably the most amazing thing about the town of Baraboo situated on the Baraboo River is that it is home to the Circus World Museum, a huge museum complex dedicated to the history of circus: everything you ever wanted to know about the circus with original pieces perfectly restored. It returns the circus feeling the the early to mid-20th century with perfection!

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria harbor view

Astoria harbor view ©Don Graham/Flickr

Astoria is that New England seaside town from your imagination. The boats, the harbor, the fishermen, the restaurants serving freshly caught fish… it’s all there. Do not miss the Astoria Column, the beautiful Liberty Theater with Italian decor or the Queen Anne-style Flavel House, the town’s Historical Society museum. The town is adorable and the ocean view amazing!

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