The cheapest cities in Europe for 2013

Zagreb skyline

Zagreb skyline ©

When planning a vacation, for most of us budget is a very important issue so we thought we could help out by finding the cheapest European cities in 2013 for you. The Old continent is full of amazing paces, ancient cities, charming towns, scenic landscapes, so we thought is is a perfect destination for any kind of traveler.

As you may have guessed, the Eastern side of Europe is generally more affordable, but that does not mean it has got less value. Take advantage of the lower popularity of these cities: visit, discover, listen and eat on a budget and without the crowds.

Krakow, Poland

Wawel Castle cathedral in Krakow

Wawel Castle cathedral ©vipeldo/Flickr

The old Polish capital is already quite popular, but still completely affordable and stunning. The old town with Wawel Royal Castle – one of the most beautiful castles in Poland – and it’s eclectic Cathedral are amazing, you should also go to Wieliczka, the nearby salt mine that is in operation since the 12th century – I was there a couple of months ago and I loved it, and of course you cannot miss Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter with its special atmosphere and wonderful old buildings and cemetery.

Budapest, Hungary

Luckily the Hungarian capital is still one of the cheapest cities in Europe, although more visitors come here every day. You can easily find cheap accommodation as well as good food – traditional Hungarian food or not – and the thermal baths Budapest is famous for are also rather cheap and make perfect day trip destinations.

Kiev, Ukraine

Saint Sophia Cathedral in kiev

Saint Sophia Cathedral ©

The city of Kiev may have a bad reputation because of its mob, but travelers are really safe here and the city offers a lot to do, ancient ruins, museums, religious places, relics and much more. You must not miss the Saint Sophia Cathedral and Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

Riga, Latvia

The fact that it is located right on the Baltic Sea just gives Riga an extra star. The city’s Art Nouveau old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and don’t forget to check out the Radio and TV Tower either. Huge plus that Riga is the second cheapest city in Europe in terms of accommodation according to’s Hotel Price Index.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb skyline

Zagreb skyline ©

Although Croatia is well known mostly as a beach destination, Zagreb, with its cobbled streets, old cathedrals and markets, is a much underrated, charming city. Zagreb, a modern capital with all the appeals of an old European city is one of the cheapest cities in Europe in 2013.


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