The most livable cities of the world in 2011

Garden of Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna ©JorgeBRAZIL/Flickr

Livability, infrastructure, level of cultural life and social environment. These are only a few of the aspects based on which Mercer puts together it’s list of most livable cities of the world every year. According to them Vienna is henceforward the best city to live in.

Mercer makes their list of best cities every year with 221 ‘competing’ cities, New York being the baseline with a score of 100 points. The most successful cities are usually from Germany, Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, Canada and Australia, but let us see their fresh.

Nr. 1  – Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, street view

Vienna ©UR Living Learning/Flickr

The Austrian capital strongly holds the title of the most livable city since 2009. It is the largest city in the country, thus the economical and cultural center as well, holding numerous international awards for urban planning for instance. With a special program for refurbishing the city they have spent billions on renovating and renewing more than 5, 000 buildings all around Vienna.

It attracts over 5 million visitors every year (three times the population of the city), many of them coming because Vienna is a top business and conference destination. The architecture is amazing and a little visitor tip: go before Christmas to see the wonderful Vienna Christmas Market.

Nr. 2 – Zurich, Switzerland

City view in Zurich, Austria

Zurich view ©madcowk/Flickr

Switzerland’s largest city was also the city with the best quality of life previously, so it is always quite close to the fire. It is the most popular tourist destination in the country and however the 3rd most expensive one in Europe, due to low taxes it still attracts lots of banks and international companies.

It lies on the shore of Lake Zurich and is bordered by a chain of wooded hills which provides spectacular landscape and numerous recreational and outdoor activities. It is a quite and calm place, but with large parks everywhere, cobbled streets, century old churches and homes and plenty of other beautiful places to see. Although Switzerland is a gem itself, Zurich might really be the best of it…

Nr. 3 – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland view

Auckland ©Sids1/Flickr

In the top 5 of most livables for 5 years now, Auckland is also the city with the best quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region and second safest in the Asia region. It is set between two harbors and there are also 11 extinct volcanoes in the close area, so the view is pretty breathtaking everywhere you go.

The city has the largest number of boats and ships per person in the world, developed infrastructure and beautiful scenery all over the city. New Zealand is also highly stable from a political point of view. It is also my favorite country in the whole world with fairy-tale like landscapes nice people and all kinds of positive things you can say about a place.

These are the top 3 most livable cities, they are followed by Munchen, Germany being 4th on the list and Dusseldorf and Vancouver sharing the 5th place. The rest of the first 10 are Frankfurt, Germany (6th), Geneva, Switzerland (7th), Bern, Switzerland and Copenhagen, Danmark (tied 8th ), Sydney, Australia (9th) and Amsterdam (10th). As you can see, most of the top 10 is Europe, so come on people, visit us here on the  Old Continent, we have livable cities!!! 🙂

Just for the record, on the top of the list, 221th is Baghdad, Iraq…


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