The pitfalls of all-inclusive vacations

Hotel pool in Puerto vallarta

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It is very important that before you hit a destination and choose a resort or hotel offering all-inclusive services, you should definitely inquire about what more exactly is included in that package. This is necessary because such a holiday might have a series of pitfalls that can make your trip very unpleasant.

You will find a small collection of the pitfalls of all-inclusive holidays and some tips on how to avoid them. If you have had problems with such a vacation, share your experiences and tips with us in the comment section below, maybe it will help a fellow traveler with their planning.

Pitfalls of all-inclusive holidays

The all-inclusive services in question may not be available 24/7, only at given times of the day and not hotel-wise. Also, the free use of the mini-bar from your room may be typical only in the case of high-category hotels. You might empty the mini-fridge thinking it was free and at the end of the trip might have an unpleasant surprise when you pay. It is also good to know that the included beverages might only mean local alcoholic drinks.

All-inclusive hotel in Puerto Vallarta

All-inclusive hotel in Puerto Vallarta ©vallartavelas/Flickr

There is a great difference in the categories of all-inclusive as well: a 3 star all-inclusive hotel will offer something else entirely than a 4 star or a 5 star one. Do not believe that a cheaper, all-inclusive resort with 3 stars will offer the same as a more expensive, 4 or 5 star all-inclusive hotel.

Hotel pool in Puerto vallarta

Hotel pool vallartavelas/Flickr

It is important to read everything about the place you intend to book into – even the small-letter part and when you got to the hotel, check a brochure and ask if the information you have is still valid.

Do you need all-inclusive services?

Before you even start planning your trip, you should really thing about whether or not you actually need an all-inclusive vacation. First of all, in certain countries, it is more expensive, other countries do not have a lot of such resorts – only expensive, high-class ones – because they are trying to promote local restaurants and bars instead.

Hotel buffet

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Also, you should only choose such a resort if your main goal is just to relax, enjoy the tranquility and recharge your batteries and you don’t want to leave your resort a lot. However, if you want to explore the area, try local food and other specialties, there is no sense in paying for a lot of services you might not have time to enjoy.

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