The top 3 most amazing zoos in the world

Toronto Zoo, tiger

Tiger in Toronto Zoo ©Roger’s Eye <(r)>/Flickr

There are little things as entertaining and fun for any traveler group than a great zoo. It is a perfect family activity, great for some romantic couple bonding and one can perfectly enjoy a zoo alone as well! All zoos are great but there are some that give a whole now meaning to the word awesome.

It is hard to decide which are the top 5 most amazing zoos in the world, so please let me know in the comment section if you would add something or take something off my list. Which one do you think is the best zoo in the world?

Singapore Zoo

Orangutan family in the Singapore Zoo

Orangutans in the Singapore Zoo ©Shermeee/Flickr

Many think that the management and staff of the rain-forest zoo are far from perfect, but the zoo itself is wonderful. It is the best naturalistic zoo with amazing landscape design. They have put a lot of effort into creating the most natural habitats possible for all the animals living there.

The establishment is 70 acres and some animals, like orangutans, small monkeys, birds or turtles are walking among the visitors. You can also have breakfast ‘with the animals’ – meaning you can eat your breakfast only a few meters from the inhabitants of Singapore Zoo.

Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo, Vienna

Panda in the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna

Panda in the Schonbrunn Zoo ©Nigel’s Europe 2/Flickr

The oldest zoo in the world was opened in 1752. Tiergarten Shonbrunn Zoo is the best zoo in Europe and one of the very few zoos in the world that are home to giant pandas, four of them actually. The pandas  of Toronto Zoo are called  Fu Hu, Fu Long, Long Hui and Yang Yang. Both Fu Long and Fu Hu were born as a result of natural mating – very rare among pandas in captivity.

It was also in this zoo that the first elephant was born in captivity, in 1906. You absolutely must visit the  zoo’s polar bears, they are beautiful and adorable. The place makes a perfect destination for a day trip in Vienna.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo, tiger

Tiger in Toronto Zoo ©Roger’s Eye <(r)>/Flickr

One of the largest zoos in the world, the Toronto Zoo has got about 7,000 acres and it houses over 5,000 animals. Their African Savanna reproduction as well as the Gorilla Rainforest are both award winning sections and they also have a replica of the Grand Barrier Reef at the zoo.

Some of the main highlights are the Siberian tiger and Snow leopard but the discovery zone also has a Kids Zoo and Waterside Theater. This all and much more make the Toronto Zoo one of the most amazing zoos in the world.

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