The top festivals and events in Ireland in 2013

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl GoToVan/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl ©GoToVan/Flickr

Thinking about visiting Ireland this year? If I were you, I wouldn’t think so much. Do you want to know why? In order to help you make your final decision relating to your journey, below I will present you the top festivals and events of Ireland in 2013. If you love to attend different events on your getaway, Ireland is the place to go!

The Gathering Ireland in 2013, Saint Patrick’s Day, the Puck Fair, the Matchmaking Festival and the Belfast Maritime Festival are just five of the best convincing reasons to visit this amazing country this year. Attending any of these events will surely make an unforgettable holiday! Which one to choose only depends on your preference and the date of your visit. Also, check out the following video which is a funny presentation of Saint Patrick’s Day’s “going green”.

The Gathering Ireland 2013

It is actually a fantastic year-long event, not only a single one. The Gathering Ireland 2013 celebrates the astonishing country of Ireland, the Irish people and everything that is related to the country at home or abroad. Participants have the occasion to enjoy the vivid culture of Ireland and to celebrate this fascinating historic place characterized by natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. As I already mentioned it, the event runs from January to December.

Saint Patrick’s Festival 2013

Saint Patrick’s Festival is one of the best festivities and also one of the craziest ones in Ireland. Attending this fascinating festival is surely a lifetime experience. This year (on the 17th of March) the streets of Dublin will fill up with thousands of people who will march on the People’s Parade. Go green and be one of the marching crowds. I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy it!

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl GoToVan/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl ©GoToVan/Flickr

The Puck Fair

The Puck Fair in Killorglin will be held in the small town of Kerry, during August. It is considered the oldest fair in Ireland and offers free family entertainment on the streets. The fair takes place on the 10th, the 11th and the 12th of August which are in order: the Gathering Day, Fair Day and Scattering Day, celebrating the traditions of this old festival.

Puck Fair in Killorglin noii's/Flickr

Puck Fair in Killorglin ©noii’s/Flickr

Matchmaking Festival

A unique festival is the so called Matchmaking Festival takes place in September, in the spa town of Lisdoonvarna. It attracts thousands of people who fill every hotel room and pub in the town. It is of course mostly singles who come in hope of getting to know someone. The owner of the local pub called the Matchmaker even offers matchmaking services to those who want it.

Belfast Maritime Festival

It is a fantastic feast dedicated for the whole family to enjoy, as they celebrate. If you attend the event, make sure to visit the astonishing New Titanic Centre to find out more about the sinking of the most famous ship of the world. The Belfast Maritime Festival will be held in August and welcomes the largest fleet of tall ships of the world.

New Titanic Centre, Belfast infomatique/Flickr

New Titanic Centre, Belfast ©infomatique/Flickr

If you liked this post and got interested in this topic, read even more about other festivals in Ireland, like Street Performance World Championship in Cork, Portlaoise and Dublin or Gakway’s Arts Festival. Yet if you want to learn about other culture’s festivities check out the best music festivals of the Caribbeans or  the weirdest festivals in Japan.

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