Top 3 tourist traps and dangers you can meet while on vacation

Pickpocket risk sign

Pickpocket risk sign ©gruntzooki/Flickr

It is time to go on vacations, closer or far from home, but there are some sources of danger that you have to be aware of in order to avoid unpleasant experiences during your holiday. A summer getaway can be something you have been saving your money for all year long, so think a few issues through before you embark on your journey.

However, no matter how well prepared you are, there might be unexpected ‘surprises’ ruining your perfect holiday. With these top 3 tourist traps you can meet while on vacation I am trying to help you get ready for or avoid some inconveniences that might come on the way so your perfect romantic, family or solo getaway will actually be perfect.

Tourist traps and dangers

Los Angeles taxi station

LA taxi zone ©Eric Bennett/Flickr

Problems may start as soon as you get to your destination – especially if you came by flying, you have to get from the airport to your hotel and taxi seems to be the most practical idea. However, taxi from the airport is always pricy, especially if some taxi drivers smell that you are a tourist. They will try to make you pay as much as possible – adding extra service fees and other things as you reached your destination – and argue if you are not willing to pay the often ridiculous amount of money.

The same is true for some restaurants and souvenir shops. Check the menus and price tags carefully and do not give in if they try to squeeze more out of you. Street vendors are also an issue, they are very hard to get rid of unless you are really determined and they will also want to get as much out of you as you let them.

Pickpockets and thieves

Pickpocket risk sign

Pickpocket risk sign ©gruntzooki/Flickr

You also have to be prepared to guard your valuables with double vigilance. You don’t want to be freed of your money and documents in a foreign country, do you? And pickpockets love tourists…!  Be especially careful after money exchange, on crowded places and beaches, but also simply when you are walking in the streets.

You should keep only the needed amount of money with you and maybe only a photocopy of your passport and other documents. Originals and the rest of the money should stay not only in the hotel, but in the safe of your room.

Accidents, diseases


Mosquito ©John Tann/Flickr

First you have to be careful with diseases, get the necessary vaccines before you go, don’t go to areas reputed for epidemics and high frequency of illnesses like malaria and do not eat anything that looks ‘too suspicious’ – you can surely decide for yourself what does, when you see it.

Take all the safety precautions if you try some sport – especially extreme sports with higher risk of accidents – and also in your everyday life, you might get too busy looking at an attraction or trying to take the perfect picture of something and wander off the pavement or even into a column. You surely don’t want to get into the hospital far away from home and in the middle of your vacation!

I did not mean to sound very negative and gloomy, so I am sorry if I did, but indeed, being conscious about some things may very well help avoid them. It does not mean you have to walk on eggshells while on holiday, but being cautious is always a good thing and so is avoiding tourist traps!

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