Top 5 funniest places on earth

Girls on the streets of Harajuku

Harajuku girls ©LHOO/Flickr

There are many reasons for which people love to travel and many types of sights and landmarks that attract lots of visitors on this planet. Those who like laughter and the bizarre will hopefully appreciate my list of the most absurdly interesting and funniest places on earth.

The below, maybe less known, are real treasure to any traveler, so do not miss to visit them if you have got the chance and let me know if you liked them. Behold the top 5 funnies places

The Museum of Bad Art

The museum dedicated to bad art in its all forms was founded in Boston, in 1994 and has become world famous since along with some of its items of exhibition. You can find here everything from painting to sculpture, only one thing is common, all the artists seem to have been visited by muses with a strange sense of humor.

Tree climbing goats in Morocco

Tree climbing goats in Morocco

Tree climbing goats ©Cuno de Boer/Flickr

The title said it all. The Agile goats living near Essaouira, Morocco are actually climbing the Argan trees to access their fruit. It is not a rare sight in the area that even 4-5 goats are standing on a tree, having a snack between the branches. If you ask me, it is one of the best budget attractions in Morocco!

The Naked Lady of the North

One of the newest – and we dare say funniest – attractions of the United Kingdom is the Naked Lady of the North, a huge carving of a naked woman in a former coal mine in Northumbria. The site – called Alice by the locals – is open for visitors since the fall of 2012.

Harajuku, Tokyo

Girls on the streets of Harajuku

Harajuku girls ©LHOO/Flickr

The young people wondering the streets of Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo have made the place famously with their casual style mixing anime, goth, punk and all that. The area has become a real tourist attraction, visitors are quite amused with the incredible cos-play that is the most normal thing for these youngsters.

Gum Wall in Seattle

Part of the Gum Wall in Seattle

Part of the Gum Wall ©plusgood/Flickr

As disgusting as it is, Seattle’s Gum Wall is one of the most bizarre and funny places in the world and one of the well known attractions of Seattle. People started to stick their gums on the wall back in the 90s while they were waiting at the ticket office of the theater that stood here.

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