Top 5 most beautiful landscapes in the world

Milford Sound waterfalls

Milford Sound waterfalls ©lawmurray/Flickr

Yes, everyone has got their favorite places, views you dream to see or you have already saw them and they took your breath away. Here is one version of that list of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, I strongly hope you will let me know what are your special destinations and what would you not include on my list.

It was very difficult to shorten the list to only the top 5 most beautiful places, but was a real challenge. Hope by the end of the post you will think the same as I do, that the world is filled with beauty and wonder!

Fjordlands National Park, New Zealand

Milford Sound waterfalls

Milford Sound waterfalls ©lawmurray/Flickr

When it comes to fjords, one tends to think about Scandinavia. But the Fjordlands National Park is really breathtaking. Especially Milford Sound will enchant you in ways only the makers of the Lord of the Rings have foreseen it when they have decided to film in New Zealand… 🙂

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango Delta view from the air

Okavango Delta view ©justin/Flickr

One of the most amazing experiences in the world is to see the Delta of the Okavango river on a safari, by jeep, foot, in a boat or even elephant back. They say it is the largest inland oasis in the world, as you can see on the picture, it is rather impressive and as another huge appeal, it is a huge collection of wildlife.

Mount Everest, Nepal

View over Mount Everest

Mount Everest ©borisov/Flickr

Mount Everest is one of the most magnificent parts of the planet. In Tibetan it is called Chomolungma, Mother of the Universe which seems to be quite a fitting name for such a grand and impressive creature of nature. You will not regret it if you go visit Mount Everest!

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park ©cordyph/Flickr

The nearly 600,000 acre Torres del Paine is one of Chile’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and quite rightfully so. Glaciers, lakes, dramatic mountain scenery and amazing, unique flora and fauna await every traveler.

Killarney, Ireland

Killarney national Park view

Killarney landscape ©Olivier Bruchez/Flickr

Ireland is truely a land of magic, otherwise it could not be home to places such as Killarney. The town of Killarney is also very nice, but the landscape is one of the most beautiful ones in the world! Green grassy hills as far as the eye can see, mysterious grey clouds and something in the air that will make you fall in love with the place…

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