Top 5 most beautiful landscapes on Earth

The planet Earth from very very high above


Our little planet is beautiful in general, all of its busy and quite places from the deserts of Africa through the large metropolises of Asia to the chilly mountain lakes of Canada, Earth is full of wonders. However, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you do not agree with my top 5 most beautiful landscapes on Earth list, just let me know in a comment.

It is quite a challenge to put together a list of just five such places as there are so many breathtaking scenarios all over the planet but there it is doubtless that the below places can be on everyone’s top list. For a better view of the landscapes, click on one of the photos to open the gallery. 

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha archipelago, Brazil

Noronha ©

This amazing tropical archipelago of 21 small islands lies 220 miles East of the Brazilian coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are very small, but really amazing with turquoise water, gold sand and rich flora and fauna, they are also great eco-tourism destinations.

Fernando de Noronha is a real diving paradise the water is warm everywhere, you can go down 25 meters without using a wetsuit and there are even some free diving spots on some islands. Underwater visibility can be as deep as 50 meters, which I think is incredible!

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Maya Bay ©idirectori/Flickr

Have you seen the movie The Beach with Leonardo di Caprio? If so, you surely remember the amazing setting, the sky blue water of the small Maya Bay surrounded by high cliffs and the golden sand of the beach of The Beach – pun intended.

Phi Phi Islands or Koh Phi Phi in Thai is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and apart from that a great spot for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and other water sports, but it can also full your day to just sit on one of the beaches and admire the azure sea and the amazing flora of the islands and the rocks. If you don’t want crowds, travel in the low season from May to October, there is more rain, but people plus everything is much less expensive.

Spirit Island, Alberta, Canada

Spirit Island view in Alberta, Canada

Spirit Island ©HBarrison/Flickr

Canada is breathtaking, pretty much the whole country, but there are a few places, like Spirit Island, that provide astonishing views. It is a very small islet on the Maligne Lake in Alberta Province’s Jasper National Park. In the middle of the Canadian Rockies, this area is perfect for fishing, hiking or camping.

Though it is basically just a spot of land in a lake with a bunch of pine trees on it, Spirit Island attracts lots of visitors every year, it is one of the most famous landmarks in Canada and one of my personal favorite of all the beautiful places on Earth.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound ©Heike_Quosdorf/Flickr

The deal is the same here like above, the whole country is like Heaven on Earth, but some places especially make you think, can one die of the sight of beauty? One is Milford Sound, this fjord on New Zealand’s South Island is one of the most poplular destinations in the country.

Due to its remote location most people come here for just one day and only a few stay for the night. There are 1-2 hour boat trips on the sounds, but 1 night cruises can also be found if one is interesting. Apart from  admiring the scenery and the waterfalls of Milford Sound or just walking in the area, you can go tramping or canoeing as well.

Killarney, Ireland

Killarney, Co.Kerry, Ireland

Killarney ©

Killarney is a town in County Kerry and is everything you imagine what you hear the word Ireland, green land as far as the eye can see and the Killarney National Park with the gorgeous Lakes of Killarney  and the Tork Waterfall. There are many Celtic and Irish historical memories as well in the area, but the Irish landscape is fascinating.

It is my #1 of the above five, plus it is a most doable destination, you just jump on a Dublin flight, and here you are! 🙂 There is plenty of things to see and do and it’s a really great and easy to do vacation spot as well.

Hope you liked my short list, there will be more coming up, if you would add or change something in my top 5 landscapes list, please let me know!


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