Top 5 most hated airports in the world

Sao Paulo airport

Sao Paulo Airport ©Jorge Brazil/Flickr

When one plans to travel, one always sees lists about the best sights, restaurants and so on. But we must always know about things or places to beware of. The most hated and the worst airports are not necessarily the same thing, but I will try to combine all factors to come up with a list of the absolutely awful.

Now behold the most hated airports in the world. The factors are very diverse from lack of professionalism of the staff through bad language skills to facilities. Do you have a bad experience with other airports? Please share it with us below in the comment section so fellow travelers can learn from it!

Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris

Charles de Gaulle airport waiting room

Charles de Gaulle airport waiting room ©Kazuhisa Togo/Flickr

And the award of the most hated airport goes to…. Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. The airport is really big and not bad looking either, but it is hell unleashed on earth to those who do not speak French.

It is one thing that some instructions and directions are only displayed in French, but nearly all the staff at the airport has got very poor language skills. By this I mean they speak no English at all or just very little, thing that can cause much inconvenience for foreign travelers.

Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow

Sheremetyevo is one of the two airports in the world that only received 2 stars on Skytrax’ rating list of airports. Apart from the less than great language skills of the staff, the personnel of the airport is also generally rude or, in the best case, simply uncaring and they are really slow in providing services…

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

Waiting room at Manila airport

Manila airport waiting room ©ePi.Longo/Flickr

The airport of the Philippines’ capital had been a target of negative criticism for a rather long time. It is sometimes filthy, often happens that toilets do not work and theft or pick-pocketing is also on the table at the airport. In May 2013 there was a dangerous incident when part of the ceiling of Terminal 1 fell off and injured two people.

John F Kennedy International Airport, New York City

Yes, even the famous JFK has made the list of most hated airports. JFK’s Terminal 3 hasn’t been renovated for more than 50 years, it is like a huge block of cement. Lines are generally very long, especially in this same terminal and choices of food are quite limited.

São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, São Paulo

Sao Paulo airport

Sao Paulo Airport from the outside ©Jorge Brazil/Flickr

Sao Paulo’s main airport has got it all. Incredibly long queues and waiting times, delays, overpopulated waiting rooms and everything you want. Beside that the diversity, price and quality of the food can only be matched by the advanced age of the facilities.

But after so much depressing and negative thoughts, you should also check out some of the best airports, to ease your disappointment in air transportation.

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