Top 5 most impressive canyons you must see

Colca Canyon in Peru

Colca Canyon ©Teosaurio/Flickr

The sight of the depths waiting under monumental cliffs and rocks  enchants those who see them on images like the ones below, but they are much more impressive and much closer if you see them personally,  stand there on top of a rock and look down into the abyss…. it is a grand feeling.

So now I am going to share my list of the top 5 most impressive canyons you must see, places that give you goosebumps even through photos. Let me know which one would you rather see or if you’ve already visited any of them, what were your impressions. 

Verdon Canyon, France

Verdon Canyon in Provence region, France

Verdon Canyon Paolo ©Bertinetto/Flickr

The spectacular Verdon Canyon in France is a most impressive sight. It is 25 km (15.5 miles) long and in some places reaches the depth of 700 m (2,300 feet). It is the largest canyon in Europe and was formed  in over 25 million years by the Verdon River.

Vikos Canyon, Greece

Vikos Canyon or Vikos Gorge in Greece

Vikos Canyon ©TijsB/Flickr

Without any exaggeration, Vikos Canyon is one of the most beautiful areas of Greece – which is not a small thing in such a beautiful country! The depth of the canyon also referred to as the Vikos Gorge alternates between 450 and 1,600 meters (1,500 and 5,250 feet).

Grand Canyon, United States

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon ©John Vetterli/Flickr

The iconic Grand Canyon cannot be excluded from any list of the most impressive canyons. It’s incredible depths may reach 1,500 m ( 5,000 feet) in some places and it is an absolute must see not only among canyons but among all natural wonders in the United States.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon ©eliduke/Flickr

The Mexican Copper Canyon system is larger and in some places even deeper than the Grand Canyon, you really must see it when you are in those parts of Mexico. A great opportunity to explore the beauty of this impressive canyon is to take a railroad trip through it – it’s breathtaking and really not that expensive…

Colca Canyon, Peru

Colca Canyon in Peru

Colca Canyon ©Teosaurio/Flickr

It seems almost unbelievable, but Colca Canyon in Peru can be as deep as 4,160 meters (13,670 feet). It is among the less known attractions of Peru, and it’s definitely worth more attention. The above image only provides a mere idea of how breathtaking it is!

Hope you enjoyed the reading and put some of these must see canyons onto your ‘next 5 year’s vacations’ list!

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