Top 5 most unusual hotels in the world

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel ©charley1965/Flickr

There are travelers for whom a nice view from the window, the 24/7 room service or even the traditional four walls are simply not adventurous enough. But fortunately, there are hotels for which the average tourists are not enough either… The following 5 strange places are much more than simple hotel, they are real adventure!

In a school, in an nice ice cave or even in an ex prison – some hotels are more than mere accommodation. Meet the top 5 most unusual hotels in the world … in my opinion, and if you think you have seen hotels, hostels etc. that would fit into the below list, please let me know in the comment section! 

Capsule Inn, Japan

Capsule Inn

Capsule Inn ©

One of the most famous capsule hotels, the Capsule Inn in Tokyo, was born under the sign of futuristic visions and cost-effectiveness. Although the hotel has got community room and bathroom, its guests spend most of their time in the plastic capsules equipped with a bed, TV, alarm clock  and radio.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel ©charley1965/Flickr

Although they have established ice hotels in more places across the map, the original and the largest Ice Hotel is in Sweden. The hotel is rebuilt every year and although it has got beds carved of ice and an average temperature of -8°C, it is very very popular, partly because of the thermo sleeping bags, the fresh air and the regularly served strong drinks…

Alton Tower, United Kingdom

Alton Towers

Alton Towers ©rogerbarker2/Flickr

Known as the most popular theme park of England, Alton Tower is not only loved because of its eight roller coasters and three water rides but also because of its thematic resorts, they offer rooms called A Thousand and One Nights, the Chocolate Room, the Teddy Bear Room and many others.

Old Jail Mount, Australia

Old Jail Mount, Australia

Old Jail Mount ©avlxyz/Flickr

In the Australian Town of Mount Gambier they have turned an actual prison into a hotel – well ex prison… but still! The ‘designer’s’ primary idea was to create cheap accommodation for travelers who cannot afford expensive hotels. But today Old Jail Mount is considered a real curiosity and due to its uncanny atmosphere and scary stories, also a real tourist attraction.

Kennedy School Hotel, USA

Kennedy School Hotel

Kennedy School Hotel ©torres21/Flickr

Located in Portland, in the US state of Oregon, Kennedy School Hotel was created by redesigning the prestigious Kennedy School reusing much of the original school furniture and other items. Of course, the whole place reminds of the image of a school but highlighting its charming, rather than severe aspects.

So, where would you like to stay? I think I’d like to try all of them, though I have mixed feelings about the prison and the capsules… and the ice hotel. 😀

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