Top 5 safest places for the end of the world

Mountains in Spain

Spain mountains ©anyexcusetv/Flickr

There is so much of a fuss about the end of the world in December 2012 that I have decided to help the worried ones around with some tips, thus here are the top 7 safest places for the end of the world. You should start booking now if you want to catch some really cheap fights, for we do not want to spend a fortune on our world’s end flight, do we? 😉

Of course, all the hysteria is a little funny, however, the below 7 places are really some of the most secure on the planet, so in case anything ever happens, keep the list in mind. Do you believe the end is coming? Where would you go to be safe? Let me know in the comment section.

Ethiopian highlands, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Highlands

Ethiopia Highlands ©

The Etiopian Highlands rise above its surrounding area like an island in the sky. Only a small part of it lies under 1,500 meters under sea level and its peaks are above 4,500 meters. If you are looking for higher ground, that is the place!



Madagascar ©Frontierofficial/Flickr

The island country on the Indian Ocean is famous for being very secluded. Madagascar‘s central area is also highland, so there is plenty of opportunities for potential survivors there as well.

Mountain regions in Spain

Mountains in Spain

Spain mountains ©anyexcusetv/Flickr

If we are talking about Europe, the mountain regions would be the safest places and as one does not want to go too much up North because of the cold, Spain, that has got a lot of mountain regions could be a good choice!

Turkish mountains

Kashgar Mountains, Turkey

Kashgar Mountains, Turkey ©peretzp/Flickr

Not very far from the above, the Turkish mountains can also be a safe haven in case the end of the world kicks in. It is not an accident that after the Flood Noah’s Ark also harbored on the Ararat Mountain in Turkey…

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

High Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains ©jonl1973/Flickr

If a catastrophe may happen, mountain regions, such as the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, with it’s over 4,000 m high peaks, is definitely safer than the plains and lower territories.

So it is quite obvious that higher located regions like plateaus and mountains are the safest places for the end of the world – or anything less tragic. But these places are also very beautiful in case the end does not come and you would just like to go on a vacation…

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