Top 5 ugliest buildings in the world

Edificio Mirador in Madrid

Edificio Mirador ©PromoMadrid/Flickr

A few posts ago I have already started to explore the ‘ugly’ side of tourism with the – supposedly – ugliest capital cities in the world. Today, allow me to present the top 5 ugliest buildings in the world as a tribute to human tastelessness.

Take a look at the buildings and let me know if you agree – or don’t – with me about putting them on this list. Also, please let me know what other structures would you list in an ugly buildings top 5 or 10, maybe I will get back on the topic of anti-attractions and must-not-sees. Just kidding, one should also visit these buildings, at least to experience the weird side of architecture as well.

The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament ©Kieran Lynam/Flickr

Do not get me wrong, Scotland is an amazing country with beautiful cities and landscapes, but something definitely went wrong with the building of the Scottish Parliament. It was finished in 2004 based on the plans of Enric Miralles and it won several prizes since than, but did not take the fancy of the public in Edinburgh

Torres de Colon, Madrid

Torres de Colon in Madrid

Torres de Colon ©luisvilla/Flickr

The Madrid tower was designed by Antonio Lamela, it is 116 meter high and incorporates 23 floors. built between 1968 and 1976 the Torres de Colon is on many top lists of ugly buildings. I would say it is mainly because of its painfully featureless design.

First World Hotel, Malaysia

First World Hotel

First World Hotel ©Benson Kua/Flickr

The hotel in Malaysia is the 4th largest in the world considering the number of rooms (6,118 of them!!!) but if you take a look at the building from the outside, it is much more showy and mushy with that more than interesting choice of colors. Unfortunately, First World Hotel has got a well deserved place on any top 5 ugliest buildings list.

Edificio Mirador, Madrid

Edificio Mirador in Madrid

Edificio Mirador ©PromoMadrid/Flickr

And another Madrid sight, Edificio Mirador is actually a block of flats designed by a group of Dutch and Spanish architects. It hosts 156 apartments and the hole in the middle is covered by artificial grass, according to the architects it serves as a great community spot – I think it looks like a bunch of beer hutches put together.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral ©oosp/Flickr

Churches are usually beautiful. An unfortunate exception from this rule is the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool, England. Designed by Frederick Gibberd, the Roman Catholic church was finished in 1967, the outcome on the above image speaks for itself.


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