Top 5 worst airlines for economy class flights

Air Koryo airplane

Air Koryo plane ©calflier001/Flickr

Flying economy class can really be a pain – the queues, the waiting and small legroom, not even mentioning the occasional rude staff. Of course, there are exceptions, airlines companies providing a great in-flight experience with nice crew, good food and great services.

However, today’s article is about the top 5 worst airlines, at least for passengers flying on economy class flights. Have you ever had any really bad experience with one of these or another airline? Let us know about all the terrible details in the comment section below!

Turkmenistan Airlines

Airplane from Turkmenistan Airlines' fleet

Turkmenistan Airlines plane ©redlegsfan21/Flickr

The owner of the illustrious worst airline for economy flights award is Turkmenistan Airlines. The airlinea is based out of the country’s capital, Ashgabat and has got a Boeing airplanes fleet. All the pilots are trained in Western countries but that helps very little with the awful reviews they get for the staff’s language skills – or rather the lack of it and their services.

Sudan Airways

Can you imagine an airline so bad that they are actually banned from the European Union? Yeah… that is Sudan Airways. Now they are only operating flights to the Middle East, Africa and, of course Sudan itself. It also ranks rather low in comfort, services and overall experience as you may imagine.

Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines plane

Ukraine Airlines airplane ©Juerg Vollmer/Flickr

The Kiev based Airline operates flights Across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Although, its customer reviews are not so terrible, it still deserves the third place on the top 5 worst airlines list. The airline used to be considered better, but has since became quite Balcanic.

Uzbekistan Airways

The forth worst airlines on our top five list has had 3 severe accidents in the last 20 years causing the death of 54 people in total – not a life insurance. In addition to all this, Uzbekistan Airways – based in the capital city, Tashkent – has got very poor reviews from all points of view: services, staff or entertainment.

Air Koryo

Air Koryo airplane

Air Koryo aircraft ©calflier001/Flickr

Air Koryo is the government owned airline of… North Korea. It is the only airline in the world with an only one star rating. According to reviews, in-flight entertainment consists of listening to revolutionary marching music and the food is less than delicious. Apart from two planes the entire fleet of the airline is banned from the EU.

So if you are the adventurous spirit, you can try how it is to fly on one of these airlines. Naturally most people prefer quality so instead of the worst, you should fly with the best airlines for economy flights!

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