Top 7 basics you have to know when hiking


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Hiking is really a lot of fun, perfect for relaxation, for letting go of your every day issues and getting close to mother nature again. For me it is the best way to have a good time, however, there are certain rules when you are out there – alone or in a group – that you have to comply with if you want to be safe in the woods, mountains etc.

These are not only advice you should check out but things that might even save your life, so if you are heading out hiking or on a tour in nature, you should check out and learn the top 7 basics you have to know when hiking. Is there anything you think I have missed? Please let me know in the comment section!

Avoid to get lost


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Although you are not supposed to wander off the marked hiking trails, you should always carry a GPS, a map or a compass – or preferably all three – when you are out hiking. These can help you find your way in any circumstances.

Meeting wild animals

Wild boar in the forest

Wild boar ©adkorte/Flickr

If you meet a wild animal in the forest, on the fields, don’t panic and do not start to run, it would probably be able to overtake you if it wants. instead, stay calm, move slowly away and if possible climb up on the first tree you find. Obviously I am talking about wild boars or wolves, not squirrels and hamsters here…

First aid kit

First aid kit

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Do not go out in the woods or any wild place without a first aid kit that contains at least: adhesive bandage, mosquito and tick alarm, pain killers, antiseptic and tick clip.

Snake danger


Snake ©USFWS/Southeast/Flickr

Although you might not be hiking in places with venomous snakes, if you do, you need to be very cautious. If a snake still bites you, first you call for help if possible. You have to press the bite with a belt or scarf, if it hurts, take a pain killer and wait for the help.

Catching a storm


Thunderstorm ©frostnova/Flickr

If a storm is coming, never stay under a tree or on top of a rock because lightning may strike you. Try to get to a lower place in case there is a storm because lightning strikes at higher grounds…

Stray dogs

Stray dog

Stray dog ©Matvey Andreyev/Flickr

Stray dogs may be dangerous if you meet them while alone, so if you do, stay calm and move out of their way without making sudden moves the dog might perceive as a threat.

Always carry matches


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A box of matches can even be life-saver, for instance if you get lost and it’s getting dark. But always be careful to build a fire only where you are allowed to, you don’t want to set a wildfire or forest fire!

Did I miss something? Let me know! I’d be happy to include more tips for passionate or amateur hikers!


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