Top 7 most original modern churches in the world

Brasil Cathedral

Brasil Cathedral ©marcelometal/Flick

Our world is blessed with many gorgeous and unusual buildings thanks to the great number of original architects of all times.

From all the buildings of the world we have chosen the churches and monasteries. We already presented some simple charming and grand majestic uncommon old churches and cathedrals, and today we would like to enlist some modern churches from all over the world.

Our list of the top 7 most original modern churches in the world contains buildings from France, the United States, Italy, Island, Brazil and Germany.

Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp

This unusual modern church has a very interesting roof that looks like the hair of Elvis. The church is informally known as Ronchamp. The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut was completed in 1954 and is considered by architect Le Corbusier one of the best examples of architecture. An interesting fact about this church is that the rainwater from the inclined roof flows into a well, creating a waterfall.

Nôtre Dame du Haut

Nôtre Dame du Haut ©roryrory/Flick

“St. Joseph” Ukrainian Catholic Church in Chicago

Its massive, gray colors reminds you of Soviet architecture, but the church is in the U.S. and not in the Russian Federation. The “St. Joseph” Ukrainian Catholic Church is known for its thirteen arched and gilded ultra-modern roofs that symbolizes the twelve apostles and Jesus Christ with the largest dome in the center. It was built in 1956.

Saint Joseph Ukranian Catholic Church

Saint Joseph Ukranian Catholic Church ©cliff1066™/Flick

Jubilee Church in Rome

The Jubilee Church is distinguished by curved walls which look like sails and serve the purpose of minimizing the thermal problem at the top of the interior. The walls are made from special cement, which contain titanium dioxide, so it destroys air pollution. When titanium dioxide absorbs ultraviolet light, it becomes highly reactive, disintegrating pollutants that come in contact with the concrete. This original modern church was built in 1996 by architect Richard Meier.

Mock-up of the Jubilee Church

Mock-up of the Jubilee Church ©MRBAG_MCR/Flick

Church of Stykkisholmur  in Iceland

The exact construction date of the building is not known, but it is supposed to be 1879. The church was designed as a prison that can be seen from the sea and from the land as well. In 1939 the Fransiskusystur nuns turned it to a monastery, school and church. They also built a hospitalwhere they cured diseases miraculously. The hospital is still in use.

Church of Stykkisholmur

Church of Stykkisholmur ©karaian/Flick

Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

The Rio de Janeiro Cathedral was built between 1964 and 1979. It has a conic from with an inner diameter of 96 meters and a height of 75 meters. This unusual church has a room with a capacity of 20,000 standing people. The four rectilinear stained glass windows have each 64 meters from floor to ceiling. It looks like an Aztec pyramid.

Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro ©Cyro A. Silva/Flick

Cathedral of Brasilia

The Cathedral in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, is made by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.
It has a hyperbolic structure, built from 16 columns, weighing 90 tons each. They symbolize two hands raised toward the Heaven. The construction was completed in 1970 and is undoubtedly inspired by the design of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia ©marcelometal/Flick

Pilgrimage Church in Neviges

This original modern church was designed by architect Gottfried Böhm and it was built between the years 1963-1972.

Pilgrimage Church

Pilgrimage Church ©seier+seier/Flick

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