Top 7 things you can only see in Japan

Japan street fashion

Japan street fashion ©

Cherry blossom, the breathtaking view of Fuji, the Imperial Palace, wonderful gardens and ancient shrines, Japan has accumulated a unique cultural heritage over the millennia. Yet it can come up with the most mind-blowing novelties even today. Beside the fact that you can find here some of the most revolutionary technical inventions, youth culture also draws the attention of visitor with some curiosities you can only see in Japan.

Although many things are getting closer to the Western World, Japan still preserves its traditions and can also proud itself with things that seem to be unimaginable in other parts of the world. So here are the top 7 things you can only see in Japan.

Underwear vending machines

Underwear vending machine

Underwear vending machine ©


Contemporary Japanese culture includes such unusual items as vending machines selling weirder and weirder things, for example the used panties of teenage girls.

Capsule hotels

Capsule hotel Osaka

Capsule hotel Osaka ©kanjiroushi/Flickr

The first capsule hotel in the world also opened in Osaka. It uses all the available space effectively, but it provides minimal conditions for its busy guests who come here only to sleep a few hours sometimes.


Street cosplay in Japan

Cosplay in Japan ©mia.judkins/Flickr

Anime culture is still flourishing in Japan, but its biggest fans do not only dress up like their favorite characters for festivals and parties, no, they also wear the identity of one or the other anime hero on the streets- the phenomenon is called cosplay.

Street fashion

Japan street fashion

Japan street fashion ©

But you do not have to be an anime fan to look weird for the average eye… the street fashion of the different Japanese sub-cultures cannot really be compared to anything you have seen before.

Robots everywhere

Robot priest wedding couple in Japan

Robot priest in Japan ©

Japan is also famous for being at the forefront in robot technology. So much that it has become highly fashionable for couples to be wed by robot priests programmed for this specific purpose…

Geisha and geisha houses

Geisha in Japan

Geisha in Japan ©np&djjewell/flickr

Against all modernism, Japan is a very traditional country from certain points of view. There are still about 1,000 – 2,000 geisha living in Japan today in traditional geisha houses.

Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling in Japan

Sumo wrestling in Japan ©Edward Dalmulder/flickr

Traditional Sumo wrestling is also something you can only encounter in Japan. The people of the country see it as the national sport of Japan as well as the continuity of the respectable samurai culture.

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