Toronto – the busiest city in Canada

CN Tower

CN Tower ©Franklin.vp/Ookaboo

The name of Toronto comes from the Mohawk language and means ‘the place where trees stand in water’. It is the largest city in Canada and the center of financial as well as social life. You can find here everything you need for a great vacation.

Toronto is the city of whirling and busy streets, huge entertainment parks, the colorful culture, hospitality and unforgettable nightlife. The little video below will provide you with some cute images of everyday life in Canada and our Toronto guide a little whet for the busiest city in Canada.

Main attractions in Toronto

There are loads of museums, galleries and theaters here for every artistic taste. Toronto also has an amazing variety of restaurants offering the cuisine of any culture you can imagine, partly because the city itself is very multicultural. Canadians balance the crowd and business of the big city with a lot of nice, tranquil parks usually located on pleasant lake shores and are perfect places for spending a quite afternoon.

CN Tower

CN Tower ©Franklin.vp/Ookaboo

Although, the city is very large, it is really difficult to actually get lost as the famous CN Tower serves like a kind of compass wherever you are in Toronto. And if you would like a view over all the city, just climb the iconic tower and enjoy what you see.

Neighborhoods in Toronto

Like any city, Toronto has got numerous neighborhoods, each having their own special charm. The city’s Old Town brings us back into Canada’s past with beautiful colonial buildings and narrow streets, galleries and old market places. One of the highlights of Chinatown is the Royal Ontario Museum and the Chinese shops and buildings.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum ©

But there is also an Italian part of the city that attracts visitors with intimate little cafes and candy shops. The Caribbean, Korean and Irish neighborhoods (the name of the Irish neighborhood in Toronto is ‘Cabbagetown’…) are also fun to visit.

Public transportation is great all over the country and Toronto is no exception, you can get around in the city by subway, bus or tram as well- but I would suggest you choose something from which you can admire the city while traveling.

Ontario Science Center

Ontario Science Center ©ojbyrne/Flickr

Just a few of the sights you should not miss are the Toronto Shoe Museum, the Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Science Center, Canada’s Wonderland or the House of Witches. If you are planning a Toronto getaway, make sure you have time to visit some of these wonderful places.


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