What are the features of a good hotel

Friendly staff at hotel front desk

Hotel front desk Hashoo Foundation USA/Flickr

Naturally, the question is a little strange as the phrase means something different for every traveler based on their tastes and needs. Still, there are certain general features that a quality establishment must posses. Probably a collection of such characteristics will be most useful for less experienced travelers, but the real globe trotters may also find something new here.

As you will see in the cute and funny video below, the comfort level of a bed is absolutely necessary – how else would you make a bunch of bunnies sleep together in that way…? ūüôā If you have any additional suggestions on what are the features of a good hotel, please share them in the comment section.

Environment of a good hotel

It goes without saying that cleanliness is very easily the most important in a hotel, a few cockroaches dancing ballet in the middle of your bathroom can really hurt the whole picture! Good facilities can also be a huge plus: a nice restaurant, a pool, maybe even a fitness and ¬†spa center…

Restaurant in a hotel

Nice hotel restaurant ©Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

If your hotel is overall not comfortable, you can not possibly feel at home in it; of course, comfort may mean something different for all of us – but it’s essential. No matter if you prefer some famous brand or a nice boutique hotel, the thing is to go back happily after a long and tiring day of business or sightseeing.

Hotel staff and services

Bad services and rude or unprofessional staff can easily ruin your hole stay. However, if the people working at the hotel are nice, you even get a smile from time to time and you don not feel lost when you have a problem, the place is definitely a keeper.

Friendly staff is important

Friendly staff is important ©Hashoo Foundation USA/Flickr

Everyone likes to be treated like a human being and not just a one-in-a-million customer no one really notices. And if we are talking about services, really good food – together with some other features – can seduce you and drive you back to a certain hotel over and over again.

Make a list, put together what the features of a nice hotel are for you and then, when you spot a place, read all the reviews you can, to see what are the experiences of others. It will also help to ask around, surely one or more of your friends can recommend this or that hotel that might meet your requirements. Good luck for the hunt!


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