Win a ticket to space with KLM

View over the Earth from outer sapce

Earth ©Dreaming in the deep south/ Flickr

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has just launched the coolest, most amazing contest ever with an absolutely mind blowing price. Not long after 22 April 2013 you have the chance to win a ticket to space with KLM.

The game is simple, but it doesn’t hurt if you can pull a little math and physics knowledge out from the hat. To get a taste of what it is all about, watch the video below and fall in love with the idea of going into outer space in 2014. So, interested in space travel? Than Claim your space in space with KLM! (Watch the video and you’ll understand).

What is the contest about

Here is what will happen. In less than 11 days, on the 22th of April the KLM gentlemen are going to launch a high altitude hot air balloon somewhere in the Nevada Desert that carries your – or my – ticket to space. The balloon will fly up high, influenced by nature’s forces like wind or rain.

Then it is going to reach its highest point and our balloon will pop. The end of the balloon’s adventurous journey is the first step in our contest.

Launching of a hobby high altitude balloon

Hobby high-altitude balloon ©blackrazorus/Flickr

How to win the ticket to space

What you have to do seems simple, but it isn’t really. To win a ticket to space worth about 70,000 Euros you have to give the closest estimations regarding the balloon.

You have to estimate two things. One, at what altitude is the balloon going to pop and two, what will be the distance between its launching spot in the Nevada Desert and the place of its sad end.

About the spaceflight

The person/persons who give the closest estimations will win a spaceflight departing from the airline company’s cosmodrome (how cool does that sound…). This ‘space airport’ is is now under construction on the beautiful island of Curacao.

View over the Earth from outer sapce

Earth from the space ©Dreaming in the deep south/ Flickr

Apparently it will be completed sometime in 2014 and then they can start launching spaceflights filled with not so poor adventure lovers. As you can imagine, this will not be a low cost flight, as I have mentioned, a ticket will cost about $92,000 USD – round-trip, I assume.

This is just another reason for you to participate in the contest, dust your high-school science manuals  so by the time the balloon is launched, you can start calculating the height and position of your ticket to the outer space! What do you say? Will you enter the greatest competition on Earth – and beyond?

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